Formed in 2011 in Phoenix, AZ, Sons of Providence is constantly in pursuit of growth and evolution, pushing to find that as perfect as possible sound that is true to the mind of front-man and founder Memphis Roarke. Finding their place in the musical world has been a task, but this is not a band content on imitation. 

They represent a personal darkness; pain, anger, depression, and despair. A head torn between saving the world and the futility of trying.

​​The band has already begun knocking out tours and festivals on their journey up, including the post-apocalyptic themed Wasteland Weekend held yearly in California and The Southern Gothic Festival in New Orleans, LA.

Where other bands simply get on stage and play their instruments, Sons of Providence understand that the people come out to see a show and without gimmick, a show is what they deliver!

This is only the beginning for this ever-evolving band.




(4-track live special, September 2019)
-A Conscious End To Suffering
(6-track mini-LP, November 2015)

(Single, June 2015)

-The Comedy Complete 
(14-track LP, October 2013)

(4-track demo, March 2013)

-The Divine 
(7-track EP, January 2012)

Music Videos:

-"Wish" (April 2018)
-"Conquest of the Prodigal Son" (May 2014)